Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Model Factory

The Model Factory

Who are The Model Factory?

Let's begin with who we are not. The Model Factory are not a modelling agency, we are consultants who understand the business and help aspiring models to avoid the pitfalls that so many fall into when trying to enter the business. Each member of our team is a professional in their own right and has a rounded experience of every aspect of the modelling business, from front of house to the top. We pride ourselves on offering impartial, constructive advice to all of our clients. 

The Model Factory

What can you do for me?

The Model Factory can guide you past the mistakes that many people make when they are trying to start out in modelling. Read what Charlie had to say about us in this other blog from The Model Factory and see how. We encourage people to think outside the box, and also have a network of approved photographers and studios that we trust.

How can I find out more about what you do?

Find The Model Factory on twitter where we post updates of success stories and news, and check out The Model Factory website for more information on our services and other testimonials. If you write to us through our contact form we will reply as soon as we can offering some options that we think will be of use to you, with no obligation. Watch this video for an overview as to what we offer.

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